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Wolky Leather Black Black Smooth Leather Kite Smooth Wolky Wolky Kite Kite XBx8AXr7qn
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Justin from the Generation Why Podcast collects personal stories from listeners about topics most consider taboo or shameful.  Every episode will have a new topic or theme. Everything is game and nothing is taboo. 

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Sep 5, 2018

Smooth Leather Leather Kite Wolky Smooth Kite Wolky Black Kite Wolky Black Today's episode we explore the darker side of podcasting. Think actors reading mean tweets but we'll go a bit further than that. I've seen that first 1 star review destroy a podcasters confidence. I've seen trolls and harassers bring other podcasters to the brink. I've collected submissions from other podcasters that...

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Aug 28, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Josh during my travels. As most of my conversations with people go, we skipped past the small talk and went straight to the trauma that has impacted his life. Josh contracted HIV after he was raped. He talks a bit about the attack and the repercussions from that night. His resilience and...

Jul 19, 2018

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Today's guest talks about her lack of impulse control, harm thoughts, and OCD. She takes us down a path where she was on the brink of causing great harm to her fellow students. This episode will give listeners some insight into the Aurora shooter, Chardon HS shooting, and Parkland. We discuss things that can go right...

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Jul 15, 2018

Commonly called postpartum depression but more accurately referred to as postpartum disorder. It's regularly misunderstood as simple depression but runs the gamut from anxiety to psychosis. Mothers who suffer from this are routinely judged and accused of being a bad parent. We are unable to control our hormones and...

Jun 20, 2018

We've talked about parents a lot on this podcast. Our first story involves a father who supports his family by not so legal means. After his disappearance, a secret life is revealed. Emma's colorful description of the family's reaction to their father's whereabouts is classic. 

The second story takes a darker turn....

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