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Women's A Dark OMAYA Sneakers Geox Grey D Showcasing the world’s 100 most innovative organizations

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The Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator methodology analyzes patent and citation data across four main criteria: volume, success, globalization and influence using Clarivate Analytics solutions including Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), Derwent Innovation and Derwent Patents Citations Index (DPCI).

Top 100 Global Innovators Criteria

1. Volume

Volume is the first criteria. An organization must have at least 100 unique inventions protected by a granted patent over the most recent five year period to advance for further analysis. A unique invention is defined as one instance of a published application or granted patent for an idea for which protection is sought. In DWPI, these are called “basic” patents. DWPI provides access to 50 patent-issuing authorities. Subsequent filings for the same invention are recorded as equivalents and collated into patent families which, for this analysis, were not included.

Once an organization passes the volume stage gate, it is measured across the next three criteria: success, globalization and influence.

2. Success

The success metric covers the ratio of inventions described in published applications (those patents which are filed and publicly published by the patent office but not yet granted) to inventions protected with granted patents over the most recent five years. Not all patent applications pass through the examination process and are granted.

3. Globalization

Globalization has to do with the value an organization places on an invention by protecting it across the major world markets. The premise being that inventions protected in all four of the Clarivate Analytics Quadrilateral Patent Index authorities: the Chinese Patent Office, the European Patent Office, the Japanese Patent Office and the United States Patent & Trademark Office, are deemed to be of significant value to the organization. A ratio is created of the inventions protected across the Quadrilateral Patent Index authorities versus the total volume for that period.

4. Influence

Finally, influence is the downstream impact of an invention, measured by how often it is cited by other organizations. Via the Derwent Patents Citation Index, citations to an organization’s patents are counted over the most recent five years, excluding self citations.

Scores for each of these areas are tallied and combined to produce the list of the Toe Reneeze Heels Peep Women's Black Out Cut AF82 Buckle AwzAaSq.

Data Sources and Tools

Derwent InnovationS1P Good Shoes Multicolour GYSHU1503 Goodyear Year Multicoloured Men's Safety wZqnfUE

Derwent Innovation powers the IP markets by providing access to the most trusted, reliable and complete patent data and scientific literature. With advanced search, analysis and visualization capabilities, you can collaborate and no longer need to check multiple sources, cope with foreign languages, or deal with the risk of incomplete records.  Within Derwent Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index, Derwent Patents Citation Index and Web of Science provide the widest perspective of an invention, its impact and influence.

Derwent World Patents Index

Derwent World Patents Index is the world’s authoritative source of patent information and is trusted by nearly 40 of the world’s patent offices and global innovators for decisions on validity and infringement, identifying existing prior art, finding white space and performing competitive landscape research. Covering 50 patent issuing authorities, English translation and editorially enhanced descriptions and value added insights enables you to accurately understand the scope of an invention without legal jargons. 

Derwent Patents Citation Index

Derwent Patents Citation Index is a citation database with both patent and scholarly literature citations used for identifying potential licensing partners, possible competitive threats and ways to evolve core assets. Updated weekly this rich content traces historical references on which an invention is built, as well as an invention’s impact and future technologies that advance it. 

Derwent Data Analyzer

Derwent Data Analyzer transforms large amounts of IP and scientific data into actionable reports that drive strategic IP decisions. Easily analyze technology trends, profile competitors, avoid or uncover patent infringement and identify strategic development opportunities.


Dark A Grey Sneakers OMAYA Geox Women's D The Cortellis suite of solutions serves the needs of life science professionals with unmatched content, intelligent search, best-in class analytics and insightful visualization tools. Cortellis delivers the unique insights needed to reduce risk and increase success across the drug development lifecycle from early discovery to commercialization and beyond.

Web of Science

The most trusted source of impactful research, Web of Science has unrivalled coverage of papers, books, conference proceedings, data sets and patents back to 1900. Using Web of Science, Researchers can uncover the critical work in their field, and institutional leaders, funders and publishers can confidently measure comparative performance and develop world-class strategy using impact analytics and transparent metrics.


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